The Complete Maker Platform for you

The Complete Maker Platform for you

The Complete Maker Platform for you

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Learn | Collaborate | Innovate

From your very first lines of code all the way to your world-changing inventions.

Your Companion

The Little Python Brain is the ultimate companion for your Maker journey, packed with everything you need to get started on making projects!

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A Metaverse for Makers

Socialize, learn, and explore the metaverse with the Little Python Space – a full virtual platform that simplifies communication and makes collaboration fun! Simply walk up to fellow makers or mentors to start a video call with them.

Proximity Chatting

Walk up to anyone's avatar to start a video conversation with them.

Virtual Spaces

Immerse yourself in virtual spaces with its own unique identities.

AI Implementation

Built right-in to the Little Python Space, ask AI for advice regarding your projects,

Meet the Little Python Academy AI

Streamline the process of building your projects with the help of AI. Simply describe your desired output and the AI can guide you to building it directly.

Learn the skills you need for real world application

Learn various skills that would enrich your understanding across many different real world STEAM fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet-of-Things, Robotics, 3D, Virtual Reality, and Big Data






A Maker platform for you

Have a project you would like to share to the world? Want to collaborate with other Makers? Or are you feeling lost and would like to seek inspiration from others’ works?

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