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This introductory course equips you with all the knowledge you need in order to make your first few Little Python projects. By completing the Beginner course, the user gets to understand and work with digital/analog signals, while True loops, and basic if/else statements.


This course builds and expands on the concepts taught in the Beginner course by familiarizing the user with more complex concepts such as working with multiple inputs and outputs, iterative loops, and type conversion.


This course guides the user to move away from the Blocks system to introduce deeper coding practices, familiarizing the user with Prompt and working with the FTP, interrupts, and making basic game algorithms


This course guides the user in unleashing the full potential of the Little Python, familiarizing the user with the use of web sockets, bluetooth control, IoT, intermediate game A.I., and many more advanced concepts that will allow them to build industry-level projects.

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