About Us

About Us

The Little Python Company is an innovation and education organization with the goal of providing the current generation with practical skills needed to be the builders, inventors, and makers of tomorrow. We do this in order to guide the youth in keeping  up with the ever-evolving world of technology in today’s digital age. 

To realize our vision, we have built a platform specifically designed to encourage you to create, collaborate, and explore. On top of that:

  • We continuously work towards providing an easily accessible yet highly expandable development microcomputer that anyone of any age, skill, or programming knowledge could use to build practical projects, learn Python, or just simply play around with.
  • We provide a projects-based learning platform that aims to teach you all the things you need to start creating minus the saturation of information brought about by traditional means of learning.
  • We actively encourage a community of makers by showcasing their efforts and creativity in our online platforms.
  • We provide engaging workshops on topics centered around STEAM Education to guide students towards learning skills that would make them highly competent in today and tomorrow’s job market.

On top of that, we strive to make digital making a skill that anybody anywhere of any age, status, and educational attainment can have.

Welcome to Little Python,
fellow Maker.

Welcome to
Little Python,
fellow Maker.

© 2020 Little Python


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