Badges for Everyone!

In the Little Python Company, we believe that every Maker should celebrate each of their feats and achievements no matter how small. With the Badges system, we provide a way for you to monitor your progress and pursue goals. It also provides us a way of seeing and even rewarding the many talented Makers in the platform. Have fun!

Project Badges

Build, create, and proudly share your projects on the Little Python Community with the rest of the Maker Community of Little Python!

Badges title hexagon BG-01

Little Python Maker Level 1

Publish your first project

Badges title hexagon BG-02

Little Python Maker Level 2

Publish 3 projects

Badges title hexagon BG-03

Little Python Maker Level 3

Publish 6 projects

Badges title hexagon BG-04

Little Python Maker Level 4

Publish 10 projects

Academy Badges

Build your Maker skills by taking and finishing the various courses in the Little Python Academy!

Badges title hexagon BG-05

Academy Alumnus Level 1

Finish the Beginner Course

Badges title hexagon BG-06

Academy Alumnus Level 2

Finish the Intermediate Course

Badges title hexagon BG-07

Academy Alumnus Level 3

Finish the Advanced Course

Badges title hexagon BG-08

Academy Alumnus Level 4

Finish All Courses

Badges title hexagon BG-20

Studious Student

Pass 3 Quizzes

Friendliness Badges

Build your network of friends within the Little Python Community!

Badges title hexagon BG-13

Mr./Ms. Congeniality Level 1

Add your first friend

Badges title hexagon BG-14

Mr./Ms. Congeniality Level 2

Have 3 friends

Badges title hexagon BG-15

Mr./Ms. Congeniality Level 3

Have 6 friends

Badges title hexagon BG-16

Mr./Ms. Congeniality Level 4

Have 10 friends

Social Badges

Interact and collaborate with other makers to build and expand the Little Python Community!

Badges title hexagon BG-17

Discussion Starter

Comment on 20 projects

Badges title hexagon BG-22

Project Curator

Like 20 projects

Badges title hexagon BG-21

Keen Eye

View 20 projects

Badges title hexagon BG-09

The More, The Merrier!

Have a friend sign up via your referral code

Badges title hexagon BG-23

Celebrity Status

Get 30 likes on your project

Profile Badges

Complete your profile and build your online presence in the Little Python Community.

Badges title hexagon BG-19

Lookin' Good

Upload a profile picture

Badges title hexagon BG-18

The Photographer

Change your cover photo 5 times

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